My Favourite Flapjack

There is nothing worse then waking up with no money and no food in the house. This cinnamon cookie recipe was created from the bare basics in my cupboard and decorated with  a lemon drizzle and a little honey as it was what was in my kitchen.

Undergraduate Degree


Had the most amazing day on Tuesday (10th July 2018), i officially graduated from the University of Westminster. After three years of hard work i am proud to say i have graduated with a 2:1 BSc Honours in Human and Medical Science.  A beautiful venue like Royal Festival Hall is the perfect place to don… Continue reading Graduation


Minimalist Bloggers I Love

When i first became interested in the theory of minimalism and the way you can develop your lifestyle i did a lot of research to determine if it was the right choice for me. There is an amazing amount of information about minimalism around. I got interested and inspired to adopt a minimalism and clean lifestyle thanks to a number of bloggers and YouTubers. Here is my list of minimalist bloggers that truly inspired me and why:


Living in boxes – a few days in

There's something quite liberating about living with only the stuff you need. My clear out got rid of over two boxes worth of clothing, books and general rubbish I had been hoarding out of a sense of necessity. After I had cleaned out my stuff, I packed everything else away in boxes. In the two… Continue reading Living in boxes – a few days in


Minimising my Bucket List

The concept of minimalism is defined by the principle of removing unnecessarily things from your life. I’ve taken the concept quite literally, and I’ve started looking into aspects of things that I want to do; I focused in on my Bucket List quite quickly; realizing that a lot of things on my bucket list were… Continue reading Minimising my Bucket List

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The first step to minimalism – The plan

Making a large lifestyle change is daunting and is definitely a major decision to make. That decision is often the hardest step in embracing a minimalist lifestyle, because you are making a commitment to get rid of items and having to be very hard on yourself to do this. If you aren’t 100% committed you… Continue reading The first step to minimalism – The plan